IMMonitor 2.3

This tool is an Internet monitor

IMMonitor is a tool that monitors and records all Internet activities. The software records all email and instant messaging clients. The program monitors and captures files transferred over the web, FTP, or IM tools.

IMMonitor only needs to be installed on one computer in order to monitor all the computers in your network. Using this program, you can filter websites by category and restrict access to the Internet.

The program includes a customizable email usage control policy. You can block certain messaging software and file transfers done with peer-to-peer software.

You can also block online streaming media and online gaming. Administrators have real-time access to current Internet connections, and have the ability to block or cancel a session.

This is a tool for anyone who wants to monitor Internet usage. You can also monitor bandwidth usage and be alerted when certain keywords are being used.

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IMMonitor 2.3

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